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New! Organic Cayenne Powder, Hot (90,000 HU)   Cayenne pepper’s spiciness might be intimidating, but its health benefits, will sure convince you to add it to your diet. This spice has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years to cure different ailments. From digestive disorders to respiratory tract infections, it became the cure […]


Sunflower Summer Smoothie Bowl   There is no other flower that embraces summer better than the Sunflower. Their vibrant, yellow petals can brighten up anyone’s mood. Just like the sun’s rays, they are warming and comforting, which is why they are symbolic to this blossoming season. Benefits of Sunflower Seeds  While sunflowers are beautiful to look […]


We are pleased to introduce Organic Delish Fish!   We all grew up eating the infamous berry flavoured fish-shaped gummy, Swedish Fish. Although they were delicious, they were far from nutritious. Well now, you can have the best of both worlds, with our Certified Organic and non-GMO Delish Fish gummies. Delish Fish is made with clean, […]


Peruvian Emoliente – A drink for any weather   Vancouver weather is still indecisive about whether it is winter or spring. In the mornings, you might be craving a warm cup of tea and a few hours later, a chill refresher to cool you down. For times like these, it is great to have a […]