5 Super Simple Ways to Eat Healthy at Home 

Whether you learned to cook in the kitchen with your grandma or on TikTok as an adult (or both!),  healthy living matters to you.  

From the Mediterranean Diet to Paleo and everything in between, eating healthy can be easy and accessible for all. Here we’ll show you how with our top five super simple ways to eat healthy at home.  

Why is Healthy Eating Important and What Does it Mean for You and Your Family?  

At Westpoint, healthy eating is defined as fueling your body with nourishing, whole foods that make you feel good. A balance of healthy proteins, good fats, allergen-friendly grains, and starches (with a side of vegan gummy bears).  

That could look like enjoying delicious bulgar salad followed by the best vegan chocolate chip cookies or a go-to family-friendly burrito bowl.  

1. Shop with a List  

Shopping with a list helps to save you time, money, and stress because you know what you came for. Plan what you want to eat for the week then take a look at your pantry and fridge and make a list before you shop. Filling your home with healthy ingredients and snacks sets you up for success.  

Not sure what to eat this week?  

Check out the recipes on our blog.  

Not sure what to add to your list?  

Check out our must-have pantry staples here.  

2. Stock Up on Healthy Staples 

Having healthy, filling foods such as beans and grains on hand is an affordable way to maximize your nutritional needs. And the best part? The versatility! Take our Organic Black Turtle Beans. They are satisfying, a good source of protein, easy to work with, and (you guessed it!) versatile. From black bean salsa to bean burritos to black bean brownies, this simple ingredient can power up your healthy eating habits.  

3. Choose Allergen-Friendly Options 

To us, healthy eating is about balance, ease, and eating in the way that’s right for you. That’s what we call your Westpoint. If that means more plant-based foods, more at-home cooking, or swapping standard flour for an affordable allergen-friendly option, we have what you need.  

Top 5 Foods for Allergen-Friendly Eating with Westpoint  

Gluten-free flour 

Gluten-free pasta and ancient grains 

Soy-free baking ingredients 

Dairy-free candy and snacks 

Dairy and soy-free protein and nutritional powders  

4. Create Less Waste 

If you’ve done a deep clean of your pantry or fridge, you’re familiar with food waste. Kitchen leftovers and end-of-the-week veggies have a bad rep, but to us, they’re affordable, simple, and have limitless potential.  

Simply combine a grain, a protein (here are those beans again!), any leftover veggies, and your favourite sauce into a yummy pantry soup or grain-based power bowl to create less waste while still eating healthy.  

Pro Tip: Our Vegetarian Chicken Flavour Broth Mix is a great product to stock in your pantry to make soups and stews a ​​flavor-filled breeze.  

5. Eat What Feels Good   

The truth is, sometimes we don’t know what that is (or isn’t). We recommend trying a quick check-in when you eat. Ask yourself, “How is this making me feel?”  Am I feeling satisfied and energized or tired and bloated? There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to healthy eating. It’s about how it makes you feel. This check-in helps you identify the foods to keep eating and foods to avoid in the future.  

Our vision is for your healthy home to be filled with freshly baked cookies, bubbling crockpots, family recipes, and secret ingredients.  

You don’t need to subscribe to a specific way of eating or identify with a particular diet or lifestyle to have a healthy home. What and how you eat will vary depending on more factors than we have space to list here. Do what feels healthiest for you and your family.  

What does healthy eating mean to you? Join our community on Instagram and let us know! #healthyhome #Westpoint 

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