Westpoint Glow Up

At Westpoint, our commitment is to deliver the best allergen-friendly foods to you. We want to make healthy foods accessible to all, and over the past six months, we have taken some time to reflect on how we can level up on that commitment.  

We started with three simple questions:  

  • Who is Westpoint?  
  • What is our purpose?  
  • Who are we here to serve? 

To answer those questions, we needed to get at the heart of what truly matters. So, we listened to our customers, scoured grocery aisles, scrolled countless online retailers and visited every farmers’ market we could find. 

Through this process, the answer became clear—more than ever Westpoint stands for something essential. A healthy home for all.  

Whether gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free, kosher or something else entirely. The modern pantry is about being clean, allergen-friendly, and convenient.  

That is where we come in; we are the everyday modern pantry, accessible to all. 

Westpoint is a blend of everything you love. We offer organic and on-trend herbs & spices such as Butterfly Pea Flower, Mullein, Celtic Sea Salt, and Hibiscus. We provide allergen-friendly baking essentials with Teff, Cassava, Oat, and Quinoa Flour.  

We cover all dietary options, from gluten-free to dairy-free, soy-free, and sulphate-free. We even offer delectable vegan candy and ginger matcha snack mixes. We are your modern pantry. Available in every grocery store aisle, with the promise that our products are natural and free from artificial ingredients. 

Our vibrant products are guided by our mission to make it easy for every home to become a healthy home.  Westpoint is here to empower you to create your own culinary delights. The ones that work for you and your family. 

After all of this self-reflection, we decided to give ourselves a glow-up. Fresh faced and vibrant, we are now easier than ever to find with bright colors and simple, easy-to-understand packaging. You’ll start to see our new look online and in stores very soon. We feel that our new look better represents our identity without radically reinventing it. 

Same great Westpoint products, rested and refreshed with a healthy glow. 

Healthy everyday products you can trust. 




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