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Nutritious fuel for today's curious consumers

Westpoint Naturals stands on the frontlines of a delicious revolution – a revolution in which food is a nutritious source of curiosity, health and balanced life.

As a natural foods distributor, we’re on a mission to help today’s conscious consumers discover what optimal health means to them by providing affordable nutritious foods that are easily accessible for everyone. We’ve championed the radical transparency of food. That means that consumers actually understand what they’re eating without having to worry about filler ingredients being added to the mix.

We believe that a healthy diet doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. In a culture that obsesses over diet definitions and the exclusion of entire food groups, we want people to simply enjoy their food while feeling confident in its quality and connected to where it came from. Fortunately, our products are so clean and flavorful that they’re enjoyed by non-vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians alike.

Premium quality and transparency. Right down to our roots.

To date, Westpoint Naturals is a diverse, female-owned company that now carries over 1,000 pure ingredients sourced from suppliers who meet our unparalleled standard for quality and sustainability. We're committed to educating consumers on where products come from and how it's grown and remain devoted to providing a relationship-based customer experience that is as genuine as the foods we source.

So whether you’re wanting to eat less meat, consume more plants or simply be more informed about the background of your food, consider us your trusted source of all-natural, nutritious fuel for discovering your optimal point for a healthy, balanced life.

We are committed to our people and planet

We are dedicated to ensuring sustainability is deep-rooted in our everyday practices and company culture while continuously elevating our processes and caring for our people. Our facility is bullfrogpowered® with 100% green electricity that comes exclusively from the certified low-impact Bear Mountain Wind Park in Northern BC. Further, we proudly meet the requirements set by Pro-Cert Organic Systems and the Canadian Health Food Association.

But that’s not all. To learn more information on our sustainability-focused initiative.Click here to know more about all our sustainability-focused initiatives.

  • As a small food business focused on 100% organic products, having a supplier like Westpoint is necessary for us to run our business. I would highly recommend them.

    Dan Cheung, Owner, Founder and CEO, Nourish Café
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