Westpoint Naturals

A Family Tradition Since 1994

A Rich Food History

Westpoint Naturals started in 1994. However, its roots go back much earlier to when Barbara Cheng first started working in the wholesale food industry.

Barbara’s family has a long, rich history with food. For over 50 years her aunt, Nina Wong was a health-food pioneer and founder of Canasoy with her uncle John Wong — a highly regarded biochemist.

Westpoint Naturals has always been a family run company. All three of Barbara’s children have contributed to Westpoint’s growth and success over the years. Barbara’s daughter Monica inherited her mother’s passion for food and business.

Throughout university Monica helped her mother during the early days of Westpoint Naturals. She set up the computer accounting programs and customized the system to Westpoint Natural’s specific needs.

Monica moved to the United States to pursue a career in high-tech. After 10 years working in San Francisco and Silicon Valley she returned to Vancouver to help her mother run Westpoint Naturals.

Monica’s many travels throughout Asia and Europe broadened her understanding and interest in exotic ingredients. Westpoint Naturals now carries over 1,000 different whole, natural, and organic foods — all of which are hand-sorted, hand-sifted, and hand-packed.

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

When Barbara decided to follow her passion and open Westpoint Naturals, the first warehouse was on Oak Street in Vancouver. The business grew steadily and in 2003 they moved to a larger location on West Kent Avenue.

In 2015 Westpoint Naturals expanded their warehouse space to create four separate areas to prevent cross-contamination of organic and gluten-free products. The new warehouse now exceeds the highest requirements set by Pro-Cert Organic Systems and the Canadian Health Food Association.

What makes us different? Passion.

Our passion is food. It has been for over 25 years.

It’s a passion to find the best in whole, natural, and organic foods. We source the freshest ingredients from around the world and then sort, sift, and pack them — all by hand.

And since we carry over 1,000 different products, a machine could do this faster. But it couldn’t do it better. Food is our passion, so we do everything we can to offer you the very best.


Most of our plastic waste is recycled, including plastic bags and pallet wraps. Our facility is bullfrogpowered® with 100% green electricity that comes exclusively from the certified low-impact Bear Mountain Wind Park in Northern BC. Click here to know more about all our sustainability-focused initiatives.

  • As a small food business focused on 100% organic products, having a supplier like Westpoint is necessary for us to run our business. I would highly recommend them.

    Dan Cheung, Owner, Founder and CEO, Nourish Café
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