Immune-Boosting Teas

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Spring is officially here! But don’t get all layered down and relaxed yet. Although we’ll be getting warmer weathers from now on, we must not let our guards down so soon. The chilly temperature is still on-going especially during mornings and nights. Cold air creates the perfect environment for viruses to grow, putting our bodies into a vulnerable state against diseases.

Don’t wait until you get sick to start caring for your body! There are various ways to keep your immune system strong – from exercising, eating whole foods, to simply drinking a cup of herbal tea. Some popular immune-boosting teas include rosehip, turmeric and dandelion. Try making these at home to help you stay healthy!


Rosehips are the fruits of the rose plant, and yes, they are edible! Some people eat them fresh, some ground them into powder, while others dry them for tea brewing. Rosehip is high in Vitamin C, which is not only a natural cold remedy, but also a dietary antioxidant that helps reduce free radicals in your body.

You can make rosehip tea easily at home. Let the fine rosehips steep in boiling water. You can also add spearmint leaves or natural sweeteners like honey, medjool dates and blackstrap molasses to sweeten its strong flavour!


Turmeric has been named by Whole Foods as one of the “Super Powders” of 2018. Not only is it a popular ingredient used among healthy eaters, this yellow spice has also made its way to social media platforms for its aesthetic qualities.

Turmeric tea, also known as the Golden Milk, contains curcumin that is said to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. To warm it up even more, you can add cinnamon or ginger powder for a spicier variation. If you need ideas, check out our turmeric pumpkin spice latte here for some inspiration!


Dandelion root is often referred as a detoxifier and diuretic, meaning it helps the body flush out toxins more rapidly and effectively. Liver detoxification is very important as this organ is responsible for carrying away wastes, breaking down fats, storing nutrients and resisting infections.

There is a wide variety of natural remedies you can find in the market these days. Some other herbal teas include nettle leaf, marigold and licorice root. Find out more on each here!

A big thank you to Amy for this lovely picture of her turmeric tea. Check out her Instagram here!

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Immune-Boosting Teas

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Immune-Boosting Teas

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Immune-Boosting Teas

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