Private Labeling and Your Business

Here at Westpoint Naturals, we firmly believe that the successes of our clients are the successes of ours, and are constantly striving to innovate and offer services that support these successes.

Private labeling is an opportunity for businesses to create sales by personalizing their customer’s shopping experiences. Personalizing these experiences is a fantastic way to generate a sense of customer loyalty, and is becoming increasingly important as the variety of food brands available to consumers continues to grow.

Westpoint is a pioneer in the natural foods retail industry with our Custom Labeling Program, bringing with us extensive knowledge about health food marketing attributed to our very strong and trusted presence in the industry since 1994.

We are entering into a very exciting time in the food industry where consumers are becoming more and more inclined to support local businesses wherever possible. The reason for this is because of the higher quality often associated with buying locally, as well as an increased focus on the value of consumer and supplier relationships. Consumers recognize Canadian clientele as local, honest businesses and are attracted to them as such, which is why strengthening their local and familiar brand through private labeling is so advantageous.

The current market of private labeling is often associated with huge inventory overhead and large volume buying, which is ultimately what turns small businesses in particular off the idea completely. Westpoint prides its Custom Labeling Program as an inexpensive service that can be implemented into any size retail business, allowing all businesses, regardless of size, the opportunity to reap the benefits of personalizing their customer’s experiences.

We have found that private labeling has boosted sales for our clients by as much as 35%, and has increased store value and exposure by as much as 50%. Our private labels strictly adhere to Canadian Labeling Standards, with all labels printed in both English and French and printed to include the net weight of the product, the UPC, the lot number and the country of origin. Where applicable, all private labels also include an ingredient list, nutritional facts, suggested servings, botanical names, allergens and Organic certifications.

Understanding that the process of creating a private label can seem intimidating and daunting, we work closely with our clients in the design and submission processes of their private label creation.

We offer guidance on formatting, sizing and on the colours used, and continue to work with our clients after their private label has been created. We offer ongoing guidance in visual merchandising, and are happy to offer any kind of support our clients need in order to keep their brand strong and growing.

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For more information on our Custom Label Program and what it can do for you and your business, get in touch with us by emailing, calling 604-708-8668. You can also reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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