The Three E’s On Why You Should Shop Local

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We are proud to be locally-owned and operated in Canada since 1994, and have always loved working with local businesses who share the same values as we do. The term “shop local” can be interpreted in many ways. Some may define it as products that are grown and processed, then sold in local markets. In our dictionary, shop local means to buy from a business in your area that is owned and operated by a member of your community. What is so important about shopping locally? Find out what the three E’s are!


Vancouver is all about diversity and we take pride in that. The Workshop Vegetarian Café is a great example that merges various cultures into one. This Japanese-inspired eatery combines elements of Eastern and Western culinary traditions. We love that they also cater towards health-conscious locals. Foodies can expand their palettes or get a taste of their ancestry!

Let’s take Nada Grocery as the next example. Nada has created a huge buzz across the city for being one of Vancouver’s first zero-waste grocery stores. This is definitely a milestone for Vancouver. The biggest reason why Nada has become so successful here is that people are able to empathize with their vision – to create an “unpackaged future”. This benefits the health of our community and our planet. After all, we are the ones to bear the consequences for what we do, so why not start changing now?


Needless to say, when we shop local we significantly reduce our carbon footprints than when we purchasing overseas products. The more distance accumulated during transportation, the more fossil fuels that are consumed.

Did you know that at Westpoint, we package everything in our warehouse by hand? Minimizing the use of machinery means less energy consumption. From production, packaging to distribution, local businesses operate on a smaller scale. They are usually labour-intensive as opposed to capital-intensive. Not only is this good for the environment, it is also the key to a better economy. This leads to our next point!


Labour-intensive industries create more employment opportunities. When you shop local, your money stays local. Successful businesses are more likely to give back to the community in various ways. For instance, owners might invest more on their employees’ training and education. Many local companies love to donate to local organizations. We have always enjoyed participating in community service projects. Strong community ties are a great way to create bonds, making sure we all succeed together. In the end, it is a win-win situation for all!

Shop Local - Vancouver


The Soap Dispensary

The place to go if you want to go zero-waste. They are an eco-friendly shop with products ranging from groceries to household and personal care products. We’ve always enjoyed working with their enthusiastic team!

Fulfill Shoppe

This company was started by a fun and committed duo of entrepreneurs with a passion for zero-waste and wanting to make a real difference in the community by reducing waste and wastage. They carry items such as dry pantry goods (coffee, flour, snacks etc), beauty products & a selection of eco friendly home cleaning supplies with delivery options right to your doorstep. They have also just expanded their delivery areas to include Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and New Westminster.

Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery

Another one of our favourite bakery that allows people to enjoy sweet treats without restrictions. Tracy is a talented pastry chef who creates gorgeous gluten-free baked goodies!

Body Energy Club

If you’re a local, you’ve probably heard of them. BEC has everything you need to stay fit and healthy. For those who live further away, they also offer online shopping!

The Polly Fox Bakery & Bistro

First of all, they have the most aesthetic Instagram feed. Located in Abbotsford, they make very eye-pleasing allergen-free baked goods and healthy bistro foods!

Famous Foods

A community grocer that carries rare and hard-to-find ingredients in bulk and retail sizes. We have loved working with them since 2004 and enjoy seeing all the support they provide towards local businesses. Their team has a great passion for their job and for food. They do their best to find what customers need and bring it to them!

Surrey Natural Foods

This family-owned store is run by a father-son duo, Dean and Dan, who are both very passionate and knowledgeable about health foods and wellness. If you have questions, they will have the answers. Please check out their “Natural Health Hour” segments on Facebook!


They provide you with solutions you need to get started on living a sustainable lifestyle. They offer delivery options for low-waste groceries and household food essentials right to your doorstep using returnable containers and have just started their trials for delivery of package-free groceries and household supplies. You can now sign-up for their waitlist here!

The Gourmet Warehouse

They have everything from kitchenware to ingredients. On top of that, they even offer cooking classes! There is so much to browse around on their website. Make sure you check them out!

Purple Carrot Health Foods

If you are looking for advice on topics like healthy foods and zero-waste lifestyle choices, you need to check them out. They provide services right from nutritional consultants to useful tips on how to divert plastic and waste away from landfill, they really are a fun company to check out.


Share with us your favourite local food company on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram! We hope you’re going to say it’s us!

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