October is Non-GMO Month, and We Want to Celebrate!

The commercial sale of genetically modified foods, G-M-O, began in the early 1990s, with the intention to solve global food shortages. Though these intentions came from the right place, the result of genetic modification caused a number of unforeseen problems for farmers, consumers and the environment. Consumers are aware of, and are looking for, specific product labeling identifying Non-GMO products in their regular shops. We want our customers to have easy access to Non-GMO products which is why we created the below graphic.

The most important thing to remember:


Though Canada does not have any laws that require food producers to label GMO ingredients in their products, there are ways in which consumers can find Non-GMO products in their shop. In order for products in Canada to be labeled with the Canada Organic Logo, products must adhere to a strict list of qualifications. One of the most important, prohibits the use of GMO seeds or ingredients in certified organic products. Therefore, Canada Organic = Non-GMO.

Check out our Why Organic?  blog post for a more in-depth coverage of Canada’s organic food standards.

The growing demand for Non-GMO products has created such a movement in the food community that each October we celebrate Non-GMO month. What started as an outreach campaign, has grown throughout North America as a widely supported cause. Members of the health food community lend their voices to spread awareness and educate consumers of the health, environmental, and social implications of genetic modification. Here at Westpoint, we strive to take part in the conversation by offering over 200 Certified Organic products and helping to educate consumers.

We take our Organic Certifications very seriously. We want to make our customers weekly shop as easy as possible which is why we source the highest quality Non-GMO products. We are proud to offer more than 200 Certified Organic products to our customers who are also looking to use the best products available in the cluttered marketplace.

We love hearing what our customers have at say, even more so when expressed through their food pictures. Connect with us on InstagramFacebook, and/or Twitter and we would love to start a conversation with you.

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