Why Organic?

Why Shop Organic?

Here at Westpoint Naturals, we carry over 200 Certified Canadian Organic food products sourced from the highest quality farms all over the world. As Organic foods and sustainable processes in food harvesting are becoming increasingly popular in the developed world, so too is the need to understand why such processes are important.

Organic production is a holistic system which is designed to optimize the health of diverse communities in our ecosystem. Our planet hosts an abundance of life, all needing to thrive and exist simultaneously. The principle goal of organic production is to develop operations that are both sustainable and harmonious with our environment, and those which support this abundance of life.

The standards to meet Organic Certification in Canada are very high, and rightfully so. In order to legally distribute food labeled as Organic in Canada, regardless of where in the world it is sourced originally, the food needs to meet the following criteria:

  • No genetically modified organisms (GMO’s)
  • No use of synthetic pesticides
  • No use of synthetic preservatives
  • No use of chemical fertilizers
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • The practices must show the humane treatment of animals
  • The practices must show preservation of ecological integrity.

Traditional methods of food harvesting have compromised the health of our soils and wildlife with the use of agricultural chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. These chemicals have been proven to affect the delicate balance of life in the environment, with only an estimated 0.1% of applied pesticides actually reaching the targeted pests. The rest end up in our waterways, soils and in our crops, and as a result are ingested by both us and the wildlife with whom we share the planet.

Active measures need to be taken to minimize the movement of these harmful substances onto Organic land and crops. In order for a farm to be successfully Organic, it not only itself needs to meet the high standards for certification, but it also needs to protect itself from contamination from adjacent areas and contamination from externally sourced equipment.

The crops produced from Organic farms often look and taste different to the conventional, non Organic varieties we’re used to. Organic foods are richer than their modified, non Organic counterparts, not to mention often more nutrient dense and better for our overall liver and digestive health.

We pride ourselves here at Westpoint Naturals on sourcing the highest quality products in the world, both conventional and Organic. In doing our part to support Organic and holistic initiatives, we work with both certified Organic farms as well as farms who otherwise do their utmost to follow Organic practices.

To read more about the Canadian standards for Organic Certification, see the National Standard on the Pro Cert website here.

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