The Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

with Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is one of the most frequently-ordered products here at Westpoint. Eager to learn more about it, we have been on a quest to find out just what it is that makes this mineral compound so fantastic.

The health benefits of using Epsom salt have been celebrated for centuries, and go much further than just folklore. Despite what the name may suggest, Epsom Salt is not actually salt! Rather, it is a chemical compound made up of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen.

The magnesium and sulfates in Epsom salt are what makes it good for us. Approximately 6 in every 10 people are magnesium-deficient nowadays. Yikes! The sulphates in it are also key in improving the absorption of nutrients and flushing out toxins.

There are many ways, both internal and external, to use Epsom salt. And each method offers its unique benefit! Here are some ideas:

A relaxing mineral bath

Adding two cups of Epsom salt in a bath soak is a great way to reap the relaxation benefits of magnesium. To further intensify the destressing effects, add a couple drops of essential oils! Rose, lavender and chamomile are all fantastic and go perfectly with Epsom Salt.

A natural exfoliator

Mixing a handful of Epsom salt with a teaspoon of olive oil can act as a gentle exfoliator. It is a great way to soften your skin and remove dead skin cells. Just be sure to rinse your body thoroughly to ensure that no residue is left over from the olive oil!

If you haven’t already had the opportunity to experiment with Epsom salt, hopefully you are feeling encouraged to do so after reading this blog. To get you started, you can pick up our Epsom salt at a number of stores across BC including Whole Foods, Alive Health Foods and Famous Foods!

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The Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

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