Back to School Healthy Snack Tips

with Nutritional Yeast Flakes
Back-to-school season is upon us again and it can quickly turn into a hectic time for families. From making sure everyone is up and out the door on time to shuttling the kids between after-school activities and correcting homework assignments — not to mention our own lives — weekdays can go by in a whirlwind. It can make it difficult to plan healthy snacks on the go.

Use the end of summer to talk with your family about healthy food they can bring to school. Try out some new dried fruits, nuts or seeds, put in a sealed container or re-sealable bags to keep fresh in between snack times. If they have some time to plan with you and get excited, you may be able to avoid sending junk food and sweets.

It can be fun to plan a night to do recipes together so your family can enjoy the healthy foods and make it fun for children to play around with their food in a good way!

When time is running low, our Organic Raw Nut Mix is a a quick easy, healthy snack, and it comes in our re-sealable bags. If your child needs some convincing that nuts are good to eat in any form other than nut butters, try mixing in some dried fruits for a sweet taste. Nuts are packed full of good fats and protein.

When looking for an afternoon snack to help during those nights when homework returns, try making some Organic Popcorn tossed with Coconut Oil and Nutritional Support Yeast Flakes. Westpoint Naturals Vegetarian Support Yeast Flakes contain complete B Vitamin in a single serving and has a cheesy taste that is perfect for snacking.

The B vitamins protect neurons, brain cells, by breaking down homocysteine, an amino acid toxic to the cells of the central nervous system. B Vitamins are also involved in making red blood cells which carry oxygen. The brain functions best with an ample supply of oxygen and nutrients from the blood. This simple snack can help your child with their memorization of those time tables and concentrating on their reading.

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Back to School Healthy Snack Tips

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