Dulse Seaweed – The Super Sea Vegetable

with Organic Dulse Flakes Organic Natural Cocoa Powder Organic Nut Mix

(Photo credit goes to Mr Larch Hanson aka the Seaweed Man – do click here to know more about how seaweed farming is being done and some key insights into sustainable harvesting – www.maineseaweedharvesters.org)

We are so excited to have our Organic Dulse Flakes back in stock! We have been waiting for these to return for over two years, we now know we can never rush the ocean. Organic Dulse comes from our Canadian waters on the Atlantic Ocean.

For all of our foodies out there, we cannot wait to share more about our Organic Dulse Flakes! Organic farming works in harmony with nature. It endeavors to achieve crop growth without harming the natural environment or the people who live and work in it. One of the principles of organic farming is to strive for equitable relationships between those who live and work on the land and the sea.

By supporting organic ingredients, we are also encouraging community development efforts that can promote a sustainable transformation to different regions. Organic Dulse Flakes is hand-picked from the Grand Manan Archipelago in New Brunswick. Harvesters travel to the remote shoreline locations by dory boat to select and carefully hand pick the fresh wet Dulse.

The harvest is naturally dried on beach rocks by the sun and sea breezes. The sea vegetables are then graded, packaged and sealed to preserve their freshness. Unlike farmed land vegetables, the growing conditions of the marine plants cannot be controlled.

Choosing sustainable means knowing how a product works in harmony with its environment. We adore the story of our Organic Dulse and want you to learn more about it. When Dulse is harvested responsibly, it allows for the seaweed beds to regenerate naturally and help to maintain a delicate balance in the inter-tidal eco-system. This is also one of the reasons why local harvesters are better suited to carry out the harvesting process as they are able to judge how much to harvest and keep the sea-bed healthy to recover for the next harvest. Just as we need to respect the earth beneath our feet, we need to protect the oceans that help clean our air!

We always love learning about the unique farming practices for our products and loved learning about the life of Dulse farming! Versatility is what makes Dulse such an interesting ingredient to use.

Check out our favorite ways to use it!

1) Let’s #GoMeatless with a classic: The DLT Sandwich! Dulse has been known to have a bacon-like flavour. To achieve that bacon-like flavour, pan-fry some dried Dulse with oil. Fry it with medium-high heat until crisp, then add it to your sandwich. If this is your first time having Dulse Flakes, try it on some avocado or tomato slice first to see how much you will like on your sandwich!

2. Dessert time: Sometimes we need something savory with our dessert too! Have you tried making a Seaweed pudding or seaweed brownies? This is usually made with Irish Moss and is a popular dessert in Atlantic coastal towns. Spice it up by adding berries, unsweetened chocolate, or even Irish Cream like Bailey’s. This is always perfect for an autumn day inside to pair with a hot tea or cocoa!

3. Season-It all season long: The best way to get started with Dulse is to use it to add colour, texture and flavour to soups, chowders, salads and omelets. You can also sprinkle it over grated cheese (try it the salt-bae way while you’re at it). You can add it to your signature homemade pasta, your potato salad recipe, a fun seafood and chicken stew and of course baked fish. You can also try Dulse Flakes sprinkled over scrambled eggs or popcorn mixed with vinaigrette. It can even be used as a salt substitute!


Let us know your opinion on more fun ways to use Dulse while cooking, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We would love to hear from you!

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Dulse Seaweed – The Super Sea Vegetable

Organic Dulse Flakes

Dulse Seaweed – The Super Sea Vegetable

Organic Natural Cocoa Powder

Dulse Seaweed – The Super Sea Vegetable

Organic Nut Mix

Seaweed Brownies

with Organic Dulse Flakes Organic Natural Cocoa Powder Organic Nut Mix

Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 20-30 mins

Westpoint Ingredients

  • 1 tsp Dulse Flakes
  • 1 cup of Organic Gluten Free All Purpose Flour Mix
  • ½ cup of Organic Cocoa Powder
  • ½ tsp Baking Soda
  • ½ cup Cocoa Butter
  • 1 cup Demerara Style Brown Sugar
  • ½ cup Organic Nut Mix
  • ½ cup of chopped Organic Tart Cherries, Chocolate Chips and dark chocolate almond bark chopped into small pieces (Optional)

Other Ingredients

  • 2 tsp Dark Rum
  • 2 Eggs / Flax Eggs (Vegan Alternative)


1) Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease an 8 by 8 inch square baking pan.
2) Cream the Butter and Sugar.
3) Soak 1 tsp Dulse Flakes in the 2 tsp Dark Rum.
4) Add eggs, the creamy butter to a flour and baking soda mix.
5) Stir in the nuts with the flour mix including chopped dry cherries, chocolate chips, dark chocolate bar pieces.
6) Pour the mixed batter into the prepared pan and bake for 25-30 minutes until the brownies look almost done. To make the cake-like brownies, take them out of the oven when they just begin to pull away from the sides of the pan, or when a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
7) Take them out just before they cooked and lets them sit in the pan for a while to cool.
8) Enjoy! You are now ready to serve your Seaweed Brownies.
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